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Blu-ray Scorecard reviews


Jailhouse Rock (Elvis Blu-Ray Collection)

Was I ever pleasantly surprised by the quality of the audio and video, the surliness of Elvis, and the coherence and weight of the plot.


Caught in the Crossfire

Be assured, loyal readers, that I have done you a service this day. Due to my review, I hope that none of you will ever need to subject yourself to this painful exercise in cinema.


Blazing Saddles (The Mel Brooks Collection)

If you remember the movie fondly, I’d skip it, as a viewing in this day and age may make you wonder what you liked in the first place.



The cast does what they can with the script. It was shot reasonably well, and the effects are reasonably good. Unfortunately, a convoluted plot and an excess of characters makes this film very difficult to follow and enjoy.


Elvis on Tour (Elvis Blu-ray Collection)

Ugh. Really, I was extremely disappointed by this disc in a way that felt personal.


Viva Las Vegas (Elvis Blu-Ray Collection)

This film is pure entertainment from an era before political and social messages began creeping into movies.


The Last Song

Generally, if you are a person who cries watching commercials, and like ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, you’ll love this crap.


The Back-up Plan

I was genuinely surprised that I enjoyed this movie, though possibly it was because my expectations were so abysmally low going in.


Spaceballs (The Mel Brooks Collection)

Although not perfect, I am comfortable in stating this is the last great Mel Brooks movie.


Batman: Under the Red Hood

Great story, excellent video, superb sound, and a decent set of extras makes this a keeper for any Batman fan.


Robin Hood: Men in Tights (The Mel Brooks Collection)

Considering the poor quality of the material, and the underuse (or pure abuse) of a very talented cast, I have a hard time even recommending a rental on this one.


History of the World – Part 1 (The Mel Brooks Collection)

The best way to describe the film is: a nice looking, decent sounding film that will truly appeal to those with an 11 year-old’s refined sense of humor.

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